Ariel's Way

Ariel's Way

AW Creative Team Reunion

     About 25 of the talented people who have helped to develop Ariel's Way got together in Durham, North Carolina, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the show's professional premiere. Many of this group were my students and colleagues at Carolina Friends School.
Some of those who attended the Ariel's Way reunion
got together for a photo on our porch stairs.

     I am deeply grateful for the commitment and contributions that this remarkable group of individuals has made to bringing this dream to life. It is gratifying to learn of the many creative directions that all these actors, musicians, writers, and dancers are taking as their professional lives continue to unfold. Some are completing MFAs; others are working in professional theaters, touring with dance companies, moving into arts administration or teaching, or advancing their free-lance careers. All continue to be sources of inspiration to the audiences they entertain and the artists with whom they collaborate.

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